Women's Size Guide

Belt Size Guide

Our women’s belts are suitable to be worn on the hip with trouser and jeans or around the waist using the belt keepers included. As a general guide, when choosing your correct belt size please add 2 inches to your normal pant size. E.g. If you are a size 28 inch in jeans, choose size 30 belt (XS in this senario). However, we do recommend you get the “actual” belt size by measuring around where you wish to wear the belt i.e. hip or waist, and choose the nearest belt size. If measuring for jeans, please measure whilst wearing through the belt hoops to get the “actual belt size” required.

If you require any assistance or cannot see your size in our table below, please CONTACT US, and we will be more than happy to assist.

Retro Red Belt Size Guide for Women