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Our Story, Retro Red, Mens Fashion

Our Story – 44 Years in The Making

My father was a market trader and it was there amidst the hustle of exuberant shoppers that the entrepreneurial seed was unknowingly sown. After leaving school I began my working life at the bottom in the auto industry where my taste in fashion often exceeded the number on my wage slip at the end of each month. So, I did what many young ambitious guys do to increase their earning potential and set off for University. After getting a degree in Business and Finance, I went into a career in Finance where I spent the next 15 years.

Whilst I enjoyed my career in Finance, I never had the feeling I was following what was exactly right for me. I didn’t feel the rush of excitement that I witnessed in others who were pursuing their dreams. I eventually came to the realization that the only thing keeping me in Finance was that I had a certain level of comfort derived from years of repetition, but that was pretty much it. I knew I had to break free, but where was a forty-something guy going to turn after so many years in the numbers game? Fashion had always been something I was passionate about, so I decided it was time to follow my heart.

With a sharp eye for detail and what some may say a natural sense of style I started working on some designs. I say working, but this was a totally different experience for me as it did not feel like the work I was used to. I found myself at my happiest whilst designing and even more so when I saw the designs come to life. My creations are inspired by both styles of days’ bygone and current trends with a unique interpretation. The designs are unique and what I call “wearable” by that, I mean they are easily worn and made for men in their thirties and forties. The goal is to create men’s fashion which is a little more timeless. Clean lines, fine quality fabrics and unique designs all at a fair price – these are and will always be, the hallmarks of my creations.

BREAKING RULES – High-end quality is always associated with high prices, it’s our natural perception to see a high price and automatically think it is high-quality. Whilst I agree a high-end quality demands a higher price, I feel there is room here to give you more for your money. Therefore, I promise to make sure you pay a fairer price by keeping our overheads down and taking less profit. Some might say I am crazy and yes I do have my moments, but it’s simple, I am not greedy and all I want is for you to pay a fair price for high-end quality products, no strings attached!

While it’s important to keep prices manageable, I also understand my place in the World. That’s why the high-quality fabrics I use are always ethically sourced and the techniques implemented are environmentally sustainable. It’s important to me that my business practices are not putting other people or the environment in harm’s way. In other words, I am proud to make men’s clothing that feels good and that you can feel good about.

Sirfraz Jamil, Retro Red, Mens Fashion Brand

I am Sirfraz Jamil, known to my friends as Sirf and I am the founder of Retro Red. A fashion brand that offers a timeless style for men with both the wisdom of a life lived behind them and the excitement of a future still to come.

Welcome to Retro Red.