Setting the standards for Men’s Designer T-shirts.

Setting new higher standards in quality without compromise for men's t-shirts. Men's fashion and Luxury at a more affordable price

If you are going to choose high quality Men’s Designer T-shirts, what are the important factors in your buying decision? Are you willing to make compromises in terms of style and quality to meet a lower cost? You’ll know that these compromised purchases often end up being worn less than expected for one reason or another! Here at Retro Red, we aim to deliver without compromising between these key factors. To achieve this, we’re working in three key ways to make sure your menswear choices from us match your style, taste and budget.


The Perfect Fit

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We start by addressing the perfect fit. You want to feel comfortable (design comes into that too) and to wear something that shapes well to you. With our crew neck, semi-fitted cut, our goal is to make sure it rests nicely on your shoulders, defines your chest, and then tapers comfortably to the waist, sitting just below your hips. Our Retro Red sleeves are slightly longer than others, with a slight taper as this truly flatters and compliments both big guns and the more slender shapes.

Fabric and Durability

Next, we have thought long and hard about both our fabric and design choices. Thoroughly testing for minimum shrinkage, making sure the colour holds well, and demanded both stretch and durability. We also know how frustrating it is when a T-shirt then quickly loses its shape. This is why, for our men’s designer T-shirts, we chose a light, yet strong durable, high quality soft jersey cotton.

Print Design and Style

This choice also works superbly when we add our top quality print designs, ones that keep fresh and stay strong. You’ll see this when you check out our “Twisted Star” and “RR Lips” designs, both striking and stylish statements which are available on black or white. To complete the effect, we have embroidered our brand logos to both hem and sleeve, and made sure the finished product is produced using ethical and sustainable processes.


You can inspect and enjoy our exciting range of high quality Men’s Designer T-shirts. We know you will appreciate all the hard work by our expert team just to make sure you look good. Knowing all this, you would probably imagine an asking price that is well into three figures. Not so. Just £60 will see you retro-fitted and ready for almost any occasion!

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