Men’s T-shirts: What to look for when making that purchase?

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Men’s t-shirts are one of the greatest inventions in casual clothing, originating over a century ago from humble beginnings as undershirts worn to protect the outer layers from grime. Over time this humble undergarment has evolved into one of today’s most staple and versatile items of clothing, the t-shirt, which you will find in most men’s wardrobes.


Men’s T-shirts – What makes one t-shirt better than the other?


The Quality

How the t-shirt feels on your skin is important, a t-shirt that feels itchy nowadays is unacceptable. The most common fabric used to make men’s t-shirts today is cotton and that comes in so many forms it’s sometimes hard to keep up.  With advancements in technology and manufacturing cotton fabrics, today are more breathable, lighter, softer and stronger than ever. Your t-shirt should be comfortable and allow you to feel as though the t-shirt is an extension of you. Every man wants his t-shirt to last – more so if it’s become his favourite.

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Good quality men’s t-shirts should be finished to a high standard i.e. well made, with some key aspects such as durability and strength, softness, absorbency, colour retention and the way it looks matters too. A good quality fabric in many cases will just look good. Most of this can be defined by the fibre used to weave the cotton.  This is measured by length, the shorter the length, the weaker the fabric. The finest natural cotton fabrics are known as ELS (Extra-long staple). This simply means they are made from extra-long fibres making them softer, stronger and more versatile. Common ELS fabrics you would have heard of are Egyptian, Sea Island and Pima or Supima (also known as a superior form of Pima). However, you will find these to be a little pricier than standard men’s cotton t-shirts, but they are usually worth paying that little extra if you’re looking for a longer-term investment. If you cannot stretch to ELS cotton t-shirts, there are some really nice “Long staple” cotton t-shirts out there which you will find a little less hard hitting on your wallet.


The Fit

Nowadays you’ll find more men looking after themselves whether that’s just keeping a close eye on what you eat or being more active and heading off to the gym a few times a week. So what’s the best fit for you? Whilst you may not have a six-pack, you do like to show off your best features, and you probably like to do it with a little class.

A little guide to the perfect fitting men's t-shirts

A men’s t-shirt that fits well, should sit nicely on the shoulder with the outer seam hitting the sweet spot on the tip of your shoulder, any longer then it might look a little too big. You may like a little definition on the chest however, it should not feel too tight or you’ll look like you’re wearing a size too small. It should feel comfortable showing a little definition and curve.  A fabric with a good natural stretch works great here.  The sleeve should fit nicely too. You’ll usually find men’s t-shirts with sleeves that are either too long, short or too wide. Get a sleeve that fits well and complements your arms. For instance, a wide sleeve on slender arms will make your arms look skinny, whilst a tight sleeve on a muscular arm will feel uncomfortable after a while.

For the torso, you will need to find the right fit for you; not too tight unless you want to show off your six pack and not too loose, unless you have something to hide.  The most complementary torso fit drapes just a little down to the hem. Finally, the hem line. If this sits too high, then you’re at risk of showing a little skin when moving around and it looks like you’ve raided your kid brother’s wardrobe.  A good length hem usually sits on or just below the hips. This will also flatter most body shapes as it defines your centre line.  Remember a good fitting t-shirt should complement you and your shape whether you’re short, tall, slim, toned or carrying a little extra luggage.


The Cost

This ultimately rests on your individual budget and what you want the t-shirt for.  Go cheap and cheerful knowing you might not see it after a few washes or go the extra mile with something made from a nicer fabric with a better quality finish that lasts and stays fresh for longer.

Are you getting your moneys worth when buying men's t-shirts?


With your money being hard earned, you want to make sure your purchases live up to their expectations.  Your budget may vary but ultimately, you want assurance that the product is worth what you pay for it. Generally, guys don’t shop as often as our female counterparts, so when you do, you tend to be a more considerate shopper and willing to spend a little extra on purchases that last longer with timeless designs and styling. If you’re willing to stretch your budget, then go for a higher quality fabric and something with thoughtful designs that can stand the test of time. The last thing you want is to spend extra on something that’s out of fashion before you’ve even had a chance to show it off a few times!

A high price tag doesn’t always mean high quality.  Shop around, check the fabrics and compare. Quality usually speaks for itself.  All you have to do is decide which one you prefer more and that’s a personal choice.


Ethics and Conservation

Men's T-shirts: The environmental & sustainability in manufacturing

This one’s probably not at the top of everyone’s list but some things are important to us.   With the growing awareness around the impact that we have on the environment, more men are interested in doing their bit by ensuring that the companies they buy from don’t exploit the environment and observe sustainable development principles. Read up and check them out. If they are doing it, then they will let you know about it.


At Retro Red we have worked incredibly hard in an effort to deliver these needs to a tee. We’re a men’s fashion brand that was created to bring back a sharp and sophisticated style that once ruled and added now with our unique modern interpretation. We aim high and strive for perfection at all times with an aim to deliver luxurious men’s fashion at a price more affordable.

We understand trying out a new brand can be a bit of a gamble, so in an effort to make this transition as painless as possible we offer Free delivery and Free returns.  We have a variety of men’s t-shirts varying from unique prints through to classics. The quality is not compromised as evidenced by the fabrics used, World class manufacturing, high-quality print techniques and embroideries along with numerous strict quality assurance tests throughout our manufacturing processes. The designs are unique, timeless and versatile for different occasions. The t-shirts have been carefully designed to fit various male body shapes and to complement perfectly. If you are looking for something a little more tasteful, something a little more sophisticated and have a keen eye for quality, make Retro Red your next choice.


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  1. Useful post thank you for sharing it. Learning the fabric and fit that suits your body type in quite essential for perfecting the t-shirt buying process.

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